A Taste of India: 5 Scrumptious Sweet Treats for Every Dessert Lover

Anant 29 Oct 2023 Timesrecipe.com 

By the way, every sweet is popular in India. Here guests, friends and neighbors are made sweet with sweets on the occasion of party, festival and any other occasion.

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Gulab Jamun is a very famous Indian sweet. To make it, khoya and sugar syrup are required.

1. Gulab Jamun

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Halwa is a very famous sweet. Which is often made in the morning breakfast, which requires semolina, sugar and milk and some dry fruits to make it.

2. Halwa

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Modak is a famous Indian sweet. Which is also very easy to become. It is often made on festivals.

3.  Modak

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Kulfi is one of the most popular sweets eaten in summers. Milk is used to make it.

4. Kulfi

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Besan Ladoo is also a very popular sweet which requires gram flour and sugar to make.

5. Besan Ladoo

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